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Why Do My Carpets Smell Bad After A (Steam) Cleaning?

Why Do My Carpets Smell Bad After A (Steam) Cleaning?

The purpose of having your carpet cleaned by a professional is to make things easier for you. However, there are cases where the job is performed by carpet steam or shampoo cleaners, yet you wind up with a nasty, stinky disaster instead of a fresh and clean smelling carpet.

Having smelly carpets after a steam or shampoo carpet cleaning is a common occurrence.

Although, if you opted to have your carpet cleaned by SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning, you wouldn’t have the smelly after smell (we’ll touch on that later).

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common culprits of residual smells and offer some tips on eliminating them.

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What’s The Source Of That Nasty Smell?

To get rid of the terrible odors from your carpet, you must first figure out where it comes from. There are cases where the smell has a peculiar origin, but don’t worry — certain instances occur far more often than others. Here are the reasons why your carpets smell bad after getting them cleaned:

Soaking Your Carpets Excessively

Moisture may penetrate the carpet underlay and padding while deep cleaning carpets. Many specialists target carpet fibers with hot water extraction or steam carpet cleaning methods. If the cleaner is poorly prepared for the job, they may use more water or cleaning solution than what is appropriate.

When there’s too much moisture in the layer beneath the carpet fibers, it causes a problem. Sometimes the vacuum machine used by the technician wasn’t powerful enough to extract excess water from the carpets. They also likely shifted the vacuuming equipment too quickly or set the water pressure to a dangerously high level.

While skilled carpet cleaners focus on the fabric layers, poorly maintained carpeting may need drenching. Experts, on the other hand, perform drying sweeps to absorb as much excess moisture as possible.

Difficulties With Drying

The underlay is one of the most likely causes of carpet odor after a steam or shampoo cleaning. Because this portion of the carpet padding isn’t exposed to open air or sunlight, it takes much longer to dry. The time it would take for your carpet to dry thoroughly depends on the weather, the carpet fabric, and its placement inside your household. If you thoroughly clean your carpet on a rainy day, it can take longer for it to dry. The same can be said for carpets that are placed in areas with little airflow and direct sunshine.

Wool carpets tend to dry more slowly as opposed to synthetic carpets. Moisture that remains in the carpet threads for an extended period raises the chance of bacteria, mildew, and mold to grow. The pungent odor emanating from your carpet is due to these contaminants.

Stubborn Stains On The Underlay

More pungent offensive odors may reemerge if past spills, stains, and dirt deposited in the carpet underlay and padding are subjected to dampness while deep cleaning. Spillages of dairy products, for instance, can leave a foul odor that lingers for a long time.

Some homeowners can wait over a year before having their carpets cleaned thoroughly. As such, dirt and soils ultimately find their way into the underlay. Even by deep cleaning the carpet, it is nearly impossible to remove the stains after setting. This implies the odor will linger until the carpet dries; however, several high-end solutions can solve such issues.

To avoid persistent stains from going into the underlay, you should consider expert deep cleaning two times a year, at least. Some residences, especially those with dogs, children, or a cigarette habit, may have to employ the services of a carpet cleaner every three months.

It’s also important to remember that spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. It’s essential not to dismiss the odor of wet carpet after cleaning.

Water Damage

Mold buildup beneath your home’s carpet can be caused by plumbing leaks or earlier water damage. Check for indicators of leaking if you smelled mold before and following the carpet cleaning process. Mold can grow with a small amount of water. Check for mold or mildew on the skirting boards, grip rods, and below your carpet.

Mold can trigger allergic reactions or exacerbate symptoms. Therefore it’s best to get rid of the water-damaged carpeting as quickly as possible. If you can’t locate the mold but still have a foul odor, your carpet underlay likely is to blame. Perhaps the underlay has begun to deteriorate because of its age.

Pet Urine

The issue with pet urine is that it can easily penetrate carpet fibers or underlay because you won’t realize it until it causes trouble. Urine contains ammonia and urochrome, which can leave lasting stains and a foul odor that is difficult to remove from carpets.

Pet urine stains can leave persistent scents, which tend to recur every time the carpets are cleaned. Furthermore, urine has a distinct structure that needs more than simple cleaning products and techniques. While acting quickly after your pet makes a mess increases your chances of succeeding, professional carpet cleaners may be required to provide the appropriate products and expertise.

Smoking Habits

The smell of cigarette smoke can easily seep into anything composed of fabric, such as curtains and carpet threads. After the bulk of the smoke’s airborne elements have dissipated, some residual smoke that indoor surfaces have absorbed frequently lingers.

As you smoke more, the more lingering odors become trapped in the moist carpeting. Smokers are likely to be unaware of how pungent the stench is because they are accustomed to it. However, if you’re used to smoking within your home, no amount of thorough expert cleaning will be able to get rid of the noxious odors.

If your interior rooms have been damaged by fire, the foul odor coming from your carpets might be due to smoke seeping into the threads.

Things You Should Do Or Avoid If You Have Smelly Carpets

It’s just as vital to learning what to avoid to know how to respond in a particular scenario. So, before we get into the solutions on how to remove the smells from your carpet, let’s go over all of the approaches that appear to be a remedy but instead will make matters worse.

  • Walking on your damp carpet: The weight of your body will merely push wetness and filth deeper into the carpet fibers. So, if you’re having the carpet in a specific area cleaned, make sure to keep foot traffic to a minimum after that.

  • Moving furniture on to the problem area: The first thought that comes to mind if a child causes a stain or damages something is to cover it. Although it may appear foolish, many people continue to engage in this habit. Resist this innate impulse and avoid putting anything on the carpet, especially if it’s still damp and smelly. To dry properly, the carpet needs as much ventilation as possible.

  • Rather than hiring professionals, you attempt to vacuum the water out on your own: First, home vacuums lack the strength to truly draw the moisture out of your carpeting, especially if it is incredibly wet. Second, water and electricity don’t mix well. You wouldn’t want to end up with a ruined vacuum — or end up electrocuted.

Easy Fixes For Carpets That Still Smell After Cleaning

While your newly cleaned carpet is drying, use the following tips to get rid of the musty odor:

  • If the weather permits, open all windows to facilitate proper airflow around the damp carpet.

  • To neutralize the odor, scatter baking soda about or leave the container open overnight, then sweep it up. Baking soda works wonders when it comes to absorbing odors.

  • Fill bowls with white vinegar and distribute them throughout the area. The vinegar will neutralize almost any odor, such as the stench of a damp carpet.

  • To absorb the odor, put kitty litter close to the carpet surface. However, if you own cats, be wary because they will most likely use it as a toilet.

  • Fabric sprays can be used on carpets, but test them for discoloration on a small section of your flooring first.

  • Apply Borax to the carpet and rub it in lightly with a dry brush or a broom.

  • Install a dehumidifier in the area.

  • Use fans that are aimed directly towards the carpet. You can rent or use your own.

What If Nothing Seems To Be Working?

If none of the previous suggestions, techniques, or treatments have worked to alleviate the damp carpet odor, save yourself the trouble and get your carpet inspected by a professional carpet cleaner. Most of the time, seeking the help of experts is the best course of action. If your carpet can be saved or salvaged, a well-trained, skilled, and dependable professional can inform you.

Get In Touch With A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Today

If you’re looking for a reliable and knowledgeable carpet cleaning company, then SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning has got your back. We have a team of professionals who can deal with any odor issues you may have with your carpet.

First off, if you had called us initially to clean your carpets, you wouldn’t have the problematic carpet after smell. It’s because we don’t soak your carpets, no less, use any water to clean your carpets. Thus, the above-mentioned risks are 100% avoided.

Our team is backed by cutting-edge cleaning solutions, processes, and equipment that can clean, sanitize, and restore the freshness of your carpets.

To speak with one of our carpet cleaning experts or schedule a carpet cleaning appointment, call (206) 590-7174 today. You may also submit your inquiry through the “Request Service” form located on this page.

We look forward to serving you!

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