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Why You Should Stop Wearing Shoes On Your Carpet

Why You Should Stop Wearing Shoes On Your Carpet

Your shoes have the highest bacterial count of any article of clothing you own. Whether it’s your work shoes or the pairs you use for errands, your footwear harbors everything that can render your surfaces damaged, contaminated, and stained.

Among these surfaces is your carpet.

As you continue to tread on its soft surface, your carpet becomes susceptible to damage, bacterial and fungal growth, and stains. Over time, these can add up, leaving you with little to no choice but to get a new carpet.

Reading this, you’re likely asking yourself this question:

“Should I stop wearing shoes on my carpet?”

The answer is a resounding “yes.”

Read on to find out why you should stop wearing shoes on your carpet and stick around to the end to see what you can do to keep your carpet clean and pristine.

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The Top Four Reasons To Stop Wearing Shoes On Carpet

Wearing your shoes on your carpet may seem like a harmless habit. However, be aware.

By doing so, you’re essentially taking all the dirt from outside your home and concentrating it onto a soft surface inside your home.

Hence, wearing your shoes on your carpet is one habit you need to kick immediately. In detail, here are four compelling reasons.

1. The Health Risks

Shoes are breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. As a result, any surface that comes into contact with them becomes contaminated.

Over time, the microbial contamination builds up to the point where it can cause illnesses. These illnesses include allergies and respiratory conditions like asthma and some forms of pneumonia.

Besides microbes, your shoes can also bring in allergens. These allergens are often foreign bodies that can lead to skin irritations and respiratory flare-ups.

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2. Damage Caused By Wearing Shoes On Carpet

Your shoes can also damage your carpet significantly. The damage can be particularly extensive if they have abrasive or hard soles.

You won’t notice it at first. However, as you make thousands of steps on your carpet, the damage can accumulate and cause wear and tear. Before you know it, you’ll be noticing missing patches and small holes in areas vulnerable to high foot traffic.

3. Dirt And Debris

Beneath your shoe’s soles are dirt and debris that can stain your carpet. Over time, the dirt you bring from outside can cause grime to build up on your carpet, leading to stains that may be nearly impossible to eliminate.

4. The Risks Of Chemical Exposure In Your Home

You may be unaware of it, but outside your home, you may have stepped on numerous chemicals. Once you bring these chemicals onto your carpet, they can remain there and pose health risks to your kids and pets.

What You Can Do Instead Of Wearing Shoes On Carpet

If you can’t wear shoes on your carpet, should you go barefoot? The answer is no because going barefoot can also be detrimental to the cleanliness and odor of your carpet.

Walking barefoot on your carpet can cause sweat from your feet to accumulate on its surfaces. Left uncleaned, your carpet can develop a foul odor. In the worst-case scenario, your carpet will also be a fungal breeding ground.

In short, don’t walk with shoes on your carpet but don’t habitually walk barefoot either.

Instead, here are two safer and more effective alternatives.

Indoor Slippers

Indoor slippers are an excellent alternative to going barefoot. For this strategy to work, however, it’s important that your slippers are limited to indoor use. You’ll defeat the purpose of using them when you use them outside your home.

Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning

Getting your carpet cleaned periodically is an essential part of keeping its condition pristine. Whether it’s dry or deep cleaning, a scheduled service can eliminate dirt and microbes and keep them from further posing health risks inside your home.

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The Benefits Of Dry Carpet Cleaning

At SaniClean, we offer dry carpet cleaning services for homeowners like yourself. By contacting us for a dry carpet cleaning service, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Disinfection thanks to our proprietary low-moisture alcohol cleaning solution
  • Thorough deep cleaning courtesy of our processes and carpet cleaning technology
  • No drying time required

Get Fast And Affordable Dry Carpet Cleaning At SaniClean

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