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Seattle Carpet Cleaning Companies

Seattle Carpet Cleaning Companies

Although carpet is an ideal type of flooring, you must maintain it regularly. Carpet cleaning is an excellent way to prolong your carpet’s lifespan while keeping your Seattle home healthy. Carpet fibers may contain insects, bacteria, and fungi, among other allergens.

While frequent vacuuming can eliminate dust, debris, animal dander, and other particles, thorough cleaning is required to prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria, and mold. It’s best to enlist the aid of an expert to guarantee that your carpets are fully cleaned. If you’re looking for a professional to help you with carpet cleaning, keep reading! This article will enumerate some of the carpet cleaning companies in Seattle.

Chem-Dry Of Seattle

Chem-Dry Of Seattle

During the 1970s, Robert Harris set out to develop the best carpet cleaning formula. Soon after, he established Chem-Dry, and the need for his cleaning services skyrocketed. Since his beginnings in the early 1970s, his entrepreneurial career has bloomed into a booming business. The initial Chem-Dry chain has grown from a small handful of franchise locations to thousands worldwide over the last few decades.

Chem-Dry of Seattle uses a dry carpet cleaning technology that leverages carbonation to remove more dirt and soil from carpets for a thorough clean. Furthermore, their carbonated cleaning agents only require a fraction of the water that steam cleaners use.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Jonathan Barnett founded Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in August of 2006. He started with a single location in Denver, Colorado, and within six months, the company had expanded to 17 branches in five states. Oxi Fresh has since opened over 400 stores in practically every state as of 2019. They’ve received awards from Franchise Business Review, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Franchise Times.

Oxi Fresh offers steam carpet cleaning for both residential and commercial properties.

D.A. Burns

In the 1930s, D.A. Burns had humble beginnings. Following the Great Depression, David A. Burns Sr. relocated his family to Seattle, searching for new job possibilities. The Burns family became interested in professional cleaning after spilling cleaning formula on a rug and discovering that it removed the filth and grime. They decided to create a full-time business. D. A. Burns & Sons expanded their rug cleaning knowledge and capacities by tackling Oriental rugs and adding carpet and upholstery cleaning to their increasing list of services.

D.A. Burns utilizes the hot water extraction method for cleaning carpets.

Power Pup Clean

Power Pup Clean is a family-owned and ran company providing safe, effective, and environmentally friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning for more than 20 years in the Seattle metro region. They give a portion of their income to local animal shelters to ensure that every pet in the area receives the attention and care they require.

The encapsulation technology and specific carpet cleaning solutions used by Power Pup Clean are safe for pets and children and beneficial to the environment and water system.

Anderson Carpet Cleaning

Since 1996, Anderson Carpet Cleaning has provided carpet and steam cleaning services to Seattle, Bellevue, and the broader Eastside. Anderson Carpet Cleaning has five vehicles equipped with the most up-to-date steam cleaning equipment for all home, institutional, office, or restaurant cleaning requirements, as well as a commercial portable machine that can clean apartment buildings up to the tenth level.


Zerorez of Puget Sound Carpet Cleaning

The Zerorez made its debut in Texas in the late 1990s. The founders created a cleaning formula that thoroughly cleaned carpets while leaving zero residues. In 2001, Zerorez Franchising Systems, Inc. was established, and the first Zerorez franchise units emerged in Dallas and San Diego in 2002. They currently have locations in numerous states around the country as they work to establish a national presence.

The Zerorez cleaning method cleans without detergents or shampoos and relies on a patented formula known as the Zr Clean instead. Zr Clean is sprayed onto carpet fibers at a low pressure to dislodge entrenched dirt while also cleaning the carpet by removing all soils, oils, and grime.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Rug Cleaning Company 

Fuzzy Wuzzy Rug Cleaning Company began as a rug manufacturing factory in Seattle, Washington, in 1900. Fuzzy Wuzzy invented a groundbreaking dry-cleaning solvent in the 1940s, and the company grew throughout the twentieth century, changing with the times and pursuing new ideas. The company popularized hot water extraction for carpets and draperies, and it possessed one of Seattle’s earliest truck-mounted steam cleaners.

To this day, Fuzzy Wuzzy Rug Cleaning Company is still a family-owned and run business that provides the same level of quality and service that customers have come to expect.

All Green Carpet Clean

All Green Carpet Clean is renowned for delivering mild and excellent carpet cleaning services while conserving water, using only 100 percent natural and organic techniques. Their entire operation is based on a sustainable business concept. They employ 100% plant-based solutions and use as little water and paper as possible to finish the task.

All Green Carpet Clean offers both hot water extraction and dry carpet cleaning.

SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning: The Best Carpet Cleaning Service For Your Seattle Home

SaniClean Carpet Dry Cleaning

SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning’s services disinfect and remove stains from your carpet while also removing odors, leaving your home smelling clean, fresh, and healthy. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, we use a specialized dry carpet cleaning method that will leave your carpet spotless without the need for drying time.

Safe for children, pets, and the environment, our process is both reliable and effective. We’re carpet cleaning service technicians that strive to serve you to the best of our ability. 

In this article, we covered different Seattle carpet cleaning companies. However, while some of their carpet cleaning methods can be efficient, they also have several disadvantages.

If not performed correctly, steam cleaning might leave your carpets smelling bad. Mold and mildew can form if your carpet is not thoroughly dried after being soaked following a steam carpet cleaning. Methods like our dry carpet cleaning do not have this issue.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services, and you’ll have carpets that are immaculate and smelling great in no time!

Learn more about your #1 dry carpet cleaning company in Seattle by browsing our website here.

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