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No matter how much you’ve potty trained your pet, accidents can still happen. Pet urine and feces are problems that all fur parents have to deal with, especially raising pups and kittens. 

Many pet owners have tried different cleaning their carpet to get rid of the pungent smell of pet urine and feces to no avail. What’s worse is that not only have these carpets become crusty and discolored, but the floorboards have also seeped with the smell of pet waste. 

Even with the most vigorous cleaning and shampooing, your carpet could still carry the residual smell of pet waste, especially pet urine. Sometimes attempting to clean out the stain can make it spread even further into your carpet, causing the smell to become more unbearable. 

When you’ve run out of options, contact us, your professional carpet cleaners at SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning, so we can take care of your carpet cleaning needs, keeping your carpet smelling fresh.

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Why Do Pets Urinate Or Defecate Outside Of The Litter Box?

Many pet owners might not be aware of why their pets poop or pee outside of their litter box.

Most of the time, pet parents simply think they might not have house-trained their pet enough, and some positive reinforcement is needed.

However, there can be other underlying causes as to why your pet doesn’t want to use the litter box to do their business. 

A few reasons why your pet can have an accident on your carpet may include the following: 

  • Health issues: Like humans, pets can also get ill and suffer from medical issues that can cause them to pee or poop uncontrollably. With the help of a vet, the first thing you need to do is figure out whether your pet has a medical condition such as a urinary tract infection, diarrhea, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, or diabetes. In this case, your pet might associate their litter box with the pain they feel from their illness, which is why they choose not to pee or poop in that specific area.


  • Behavioral issues: If you happened to adopt a stray, some behavioral issues might come up, and one of them is not using the litter box you’ve set for them. If you’ve ruled out a medical issue with your vet, this might be the reason your pet doesn’t use their litter box.


  • Arthritis: Older animals can have a hard time walking or moving around. Because they might not have full control over their bladder or bowel movements, they don’t reach the litter box in time and have an accident on your carpet instead. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Boris Parker
Boris Parker
This is an awesome company! Not only were they on time, within the price range quoted, and extremely efficient but they made my carpet look better than it did when we purchased our home! Plus, having the carpets sanitized gave us a peace of mind during these COVID times. I do recommend this company (obviously).
Heather Carlisle
Heather Carlisle
So happy with this carpet cleaning company! I was referred by a friend and was interested to see how effective dry carpet cleaning really is. Well, you can literally walk on the carpet right after the cleaning and the carpets were truly clean! Not only are our two year old stains are gone but the carpet also felt renewed and fluffy again! Anthony took the time to explain the process, do a demonstration section on the dirtiest area, and then went to cleaning. It took him two hours to clean our 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, and hallways. I would take a whole weekend if I did it myself with a rental! I look forward to seeing them again next year!
Naomi Lakewood
Naomi Lakewood
We used SaniClean to clean three bedrooms and a living room in our home. The carpet hadn't been cleaned in years, so I was skeptical about how well they would turn out. Anthony did a fantastic job on the carpet. He was prompt, professional, and pleasant. The carpet was not soaked and was dry as soon as he was done. As the carpet fully dried, it looked cleaner and cleaner. My only regret is that I hadn't have them clean them sooner. They will definitely be my go to carpet cleaner from now on.
Cherry Rose Alabado
Cherry Rose Alabado
I really like their carpet cleaning. Previously I got my carpet steam cleaned after dog sitting my friend's dogs for a month. About a year later, I had Saniclean come in and clean my carpets because I have an infant now. The cleaner first did a sample cleaning. And OMG! He showed me the leftover dog hair he had pulled up (among other dirt and nasty stuff)! I can't believe even after the steam cleaning I had done, there was still dog hair. And I vacuum my carpet about every week too! So, I had him clean my entire apartment. I just had to after seeing that. My son and I were home while he was cleaning. I loved the smell. But, the fragrance went away after a while. I like the fact that their cleaning solution is baby safe and sanitizes the carpets too because my son always ends up rolling on the carpet, off his playmat. I definitely recommend Saniclean Carpet Cleaning. Try them out. You'll probably be surprised what's pulled out of your carpets!
Crystal Martinson
Crystal Martinson
Outstanding! I messaged them and they were here within hours to clean my couch. They removed all the stains from my puppies' muddy adventures. The guys were pleasant and professional. Will be referring them to my neighbors.
Carpet DryClean
Carpet DryClean
Derived from us at Carpet DryClean, Inc. SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaners are up to par with their carpet cleaning services. It's great to see the same quality of service being provided in the Seattle, WA area. Keep up the great service and reputation!

How Badly Can Pet Urine And Feces Damage Your Carpet? 

Depending on how long the issue has been going on, pet urine and feces can significantly damage your carpet. The type of carpet you have, how old, and how well-maintained it is can also be factors in determining the extent of damage that’s done. What’s certain is that pet waste could be left for hours on the carpet without being noticed, making it stain the fibers more than it should have the waste been cleaned while it was fresh. 

Here’s how badly pet waste can damage your carpet.

Pet Pee Can Spread Into Your Carpet And Stick To It

Pet pee—in particular, cat pee—can emit a really foul odor that’s extremely difficult to get rid of despite using the strongest cleaning materials. What makes this even trickier is that trying to clean up urine makes it spread out and smell even worse, as water reactivates the ammonia and bacteria present in the urine. 

If you’ve used a shampoo or cleaner that isn’t meant to eliminate the odor of pet urine, your carpet can end up smelling foul and musty. When the odor has seeped deep into the fibers of your carpet, it’s not only hard to get rid of, but you might even get used to the smell over time, ignoring it altogether. 

Your Carpet Can Become Permanently Discolored 

Warm pet urine can become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria while it’s in its original acidic state. When it begins to oxidize, it can cause a reaction with your carpet’s fibers, resulting in a permanent color change if the urine or stain isn’t immediately removed. 

This color change happens because of the ammonia in urine that causes a chemical change in your carpet’s dye structure. This can be especially problematic if the pee has been left on the carpet for days or even weeks. At this point, even if you try to remove it, the damage to your carpet’s dye is likely irreparable. 

Your Carpet Can Be A Breeding Ground For Bacteria

Pet feces can also make your carpet a breeding ground for bacteria if the waste stays on the carpet’s surface for long. While dry pet feces might be easier to deal with, it’s the complete opposite when your pet is suffering from diarrhea or has a medical condition that can cause them to excrete unhealthy and more pungent waste. 

If left for a long time, wet, unhealthy pet waste will be harder to remove, leaving residue on your carpet fibers that could attract bacteria. If you don’t use cleaning materials designed to sanitize a spot with pet feces, then your carpet will likely become a health hazard over time. 

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners To Get Rid Of Pet Stains

Getting rid of pet stains from urine or feces is one of the most challenging things to do for any pet owner. Instead of spending so much time, effort, and money trying to solve the issue with DIY techniques, call a professional carpet cleaning company like SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning to deal with the problem properly. 

SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning uses waterless carpet cleaning technology that requires virtually no drying time needed. Because our cleaning process doesn’t involve water, it also won’t worsen the smell of pet urine because the ammonia in urine won’t be reactivated. 

Aside from eliminating the smell of pet waste, our dry carpet cleaning process can also provide the following benefits: 

  • No risk of mold development compared to when you use traditional cleaning methods like steam cleaning or shampooing.
  • Our organic, non-toxic cleaning solutions are biodegradable and 100% safe for pets as well as children.
  • Dirt, sand, grit, and other pollutants are extracted more efficiently.
  • Fewer chances of your carpet being re-soiled.
  • You can extend your carpet’s lifespan.

The process we use for our carpet cleaning services breaks down stubborn and deeply rooted dirt, loosening sediments and oils. Pet waste that has dried overtime on your carpet will then be easier to eliminate. Our non-toxic chemical mixtures, aside from being safe, also provide your carpet with a layer of protection by making the fibers more resistant to staining. 

With SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning, you don’t have to stress over dirty carpets stained with pet urine and feces. Let our professional carpet cleaning services handle the job so you can keep your pet and your general environment safe and healthy with a fresh, clean carpet. 

If you happen to be in Seattle or King County, Washington, give us a call or fill out our intake form for a no-obligation estimate or a free demo of our dry carpet cleaning services.

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