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Keeping your carpets spotless and stain-free is easier said than done. No matter how careful you are, stubborn spots and stains can emerge and will likely take a long time to remove. While you can always apply traditional cleaning methods such as spot cleaning, steam cleaning, vacuuming, and shampooing, these still won’t guarantee that a spot won’t reappear. 

Of course, the longer a spot or stain isn’t removed, the harder it will be to clean your carpet and restore its original beauty. Some homeowners even make the mistake of leaving stains on their carpets for years just because they have no time to clean or have no idea how to. 

If you’re guilty of doing the same, it’s high time to call on professional carpet cleaners like SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning to get rid of the spots and stains that just won’t seem to come off.

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Spots vs. Stains: What’s the Difference?

To figure out how badly your carpet needs cleaning, it’s important first to understand the difference between spots and stains. 

More often than not, these terms are used interchangeably, but they do have a significant difference. For one, spots often occur on the outside of carpet fibers. In short, they’re more like surface-level marks that have a certain texture. 

On the other hand, a stain seeps into the inside of carpet fibers, which may require deeper cleaning. Usually, stains don’t leave anything on the outside, but they may end up affecting even the back of your carpet, depending on how old or severe these stains are. 

Common Causes Of Carpet Stains

Carpet stains are inevitable simply because they can be caused by many things, accidents, and spills, not the least of them. Some of the most common culprits for carpet stains are:

  • Drinks: Wine and coffee are the primary suspects for many carpet stains in a household, but other drinks like juice and soda come in a close second. Coffee and wine are particularly tricky to remove because both beverages are high in tannins, which could leave dark-colored stains that are hard to eliminate. On the other hand, the sugar content in juices and sodas can make your carpet sticky, trapping many dirt and other small debris. 

  • Pets: Pet urine, especially cat urine, can be a struggle to remove because it includes urea, sodium, and uric acid that causes the urine to smell and slowly decompose. Hormones are also present in pet urine, which lets your pet mark its territory. These hormones also cause your pets to repeatedly mark the same spot on your carpet, causing more damage to your carpet and the floor. 

  • Kids: Playtime is always messy, making it fun for the kids — but at the expense of your carpet. Muddy shoes are a common cause of carpet stains, alongside gum, candies, and ketchup. When mud and foodstuff aren’t cleaned from your carpet, they tend to crust over and harden, causing ugly stains that can accumulate more dirt and grime. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Boris Parker
Boris Parker
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This is an awesome company! Not only were they on time, within the price range quoted, and extremely efficient but they made my carpet look better than it did when we purchased our home! Plus, having the carpets sanitized gave us a peace of mind during these COVID times. I do recommend this company (obviously).
Heather Carlisle
Heather Carlisle
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So happy with this carpet cleaning company! I was referred by a friend and was interested to see how effective dry carpet cleaning really is. Well, you can literally walk on the carpet right after the cleaning and the carpets were truly clean! Not only are our two year old stains are gone but the carpet also felt renewed and fluffy again! Anthony took the time to explain the process, do a demonstration section on the dirtiest area, and then went to cleaning. It took him two hours to clean our 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, and hallways. I would take a whole weekend if I did it myself with a rental! I look forward to seeing them again next year!
Naomi Lakewood
Naomi Lakewood
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We used SaniClean to clean three bedrooms and a living room in our home. The carpet hadn't been cleaned in years, so I was skeptical about how well they would turn out. Anthony did a fantastic job on the carpet. He was prompt, professional, and pleasant. The carpet was not soaked and was dry as soon as he was done. As the carpet fully dried, it looked cleaner and cleaner. My only regret is that I hadn't have them clean them sooner. They will definitely be my go to carpet cleaner from now on.
Cherry Rose Alabado
Cherry Rose Alabado
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I really like their carpet cleaning. Previously I got my carpet steam cleaned after dog sitting my friend's dogs for a month. About a year later, I had Saniclean come in and clean my carpets because I have an infant now. The cleaner first did a sample cleaning. And OMG! He showed me the leftover dog hair he had pulled up (among other dirt and nasty stuff)! I can't believe even after the steam cleaning I had done, there was still dog hair. And I vacuum my carpet about every week too! So, I had him clean my entire apartment. I just had to after seeing that. My son and I were home while he was cleaning. I loved the smell. But, the fragrance went away after a while. I like the fact that their cleaning solution is baby safe and sanitizes the carpets too because my son always ends up rolling on the carpet, off his playmat. I definitely recommend Saniclean Carpet Cleaning. Try them out. You'll probably be surprised what's pulled out of your carpets!
Crystal Martinson
Crystal Martinson
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Outstanding! I messaged them and they were here within hours to clean my couch. They removed all the stains from my puppies' muddy adventures. The guys were pleasant and professional. Will be referring them to my neighbors.
Carpet DryClean
Carpet DryClean
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Derived from us at Carpet DryClean, Inc. SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaners are up to par with their carpet cleaning services. It's great to see the same quality of service being provided in the Seattle, WA area. Keep up the great service and reputation!

Types Of Carpet Stains

Aside from having different causes, carpet stains can also come in various types. Some may be easier to clean than others, but not all of them disappear as you’d expect. Carpet stains can be classified into the following: 

  • Fat and oil-based stains: These are stains that usually come from food, grease, condiments, or cosmetic products like lipstick and petroleum jelly. Most people try to rub out fat and oil-based stains with soap and water, not realizing that this might cause more damage to the carpet by spreading the stain further and discoloring the fibers. 
  • Water-based stains: These are mostly caused by liquids like drinks, as well as fruits and paint. Water-based stains tend to be easier to clean than oil or fat stains, but only when they’re fresh and haven’t dried on the carpet. A common household solution to water-soluble stains is water and dish soap. 
  • Gum and wax: These are in a category of their own because gum and wax tend to be somewhat watery when fresh but can harden and stick to carpet fibers over time. What makes them particularly difficult to remove is that the carpet’s fibers can be tangled into knots by these sticky substances, and simply pulling them out can cause irreparable damage. 

Why Do Carpet Stains Reappear?

You may have cleaned your carpet and followed all the blogs and tutorial videos you could find on the subject, but after a few days, you notice a discolored spot on your carpet. That pesky stain seems to be back. 

How and why did that happen? The two reasons could either be wicking or soiling: 


When left untreated, some substances like drinks can soak right through the carpet’s back or underpad, which causes wicking. 

Wicking — a term derived from the wick of a candle — occurs when the spilled substance becomes trapped in the underpad or backing of the carpet. The carpet reabsorbs the spill, causing the substance to make its way back up to the surface via the fiber strands. 

Often, wicking happens when your carpet hasn’t been dried properly after hot water extraction cleaning, more commonly known as steam cleaning. 


On the other hand, soiling happens when a carpet cleaner is used to remove a stain, but the spill’s residue hasn’t been completely rinsed and blotted. This causes that particular spot to attract dirt and make it appear as if the stain has returned. 

How Can You Stop Stains From Reappearing?

The rule of thumb for keeping your carpets clean is never to ignore spills and treat them as quickly as possible to prevent them from soaking into the carpet. However, some spills can be more severe than others, and simple cleaning methods might not work, especially if they’ve been on the carpet for a long time. 

To lower the chances of a stain from coming back, it’s best to hire a professional carpet cleaning company like SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning to take care of the issue once and for all. 

Dry Carpet Cleaning For Your Carpet Needs

Most carpet stains tend to worsen because the carpet is damp or hasn’t been dried completely. SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning uses dry carpet cleaning, requiring no water and ensuring no drying time is needed.

With no drying time required, dry carpet cleaning is a fast and efficient way to eliminate stains without risking further water damage. 

With our fully trained and specialized carpet cleaning technicians, keeping your carpet spotless will be easier. For stains and spills, we utilize millions of alcohol-based “micro-sponges” that are scrubbed deep into your carpet, absorbing dirt, stains, spills, odors, and other contaminants. 

As a dedicated carpet cleaning service, we strive to deliver excellent customer service, and we are ready to work with you to provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service.

However, do keep in mind that certain stains like ink, wine, blood, and pet urine (especially cat urine) can be more challenging to remove, so we can’t guarantee that those stains will completely disappear. We’ll do our best.

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Don’t wait until your carpet is stained beyond repair — contact us at SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning today to get rid of those stubborn carpet stains once and for all!

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