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Carpet Sanitizing Services

Have you ever considered how much wear and tear your carpets endure daily? Whether you spill something on the floor or your pet brings in mud from outdoors, your carpets can accumulate plenty of bacteria, stains, and grime, especially in high-traffic areas. This is why you should do extensive cleaning periodically.

Regular vacuuming will remove all dirt at the surface level, but it cannot reach all the filth accumulated over many years of constant use. You’ll need to contact a professional carpet cleaning company that is highly trained and effective at eliminating germs and grime from your floors to cleanse and sanitize your carpets thoroughly. 

SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning can both clean and disinfect your carpet. Not only is our process effective at cleaning and sanitizing, but it can also make your carpets stain-resistant.

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Maintaining The Cleanliness Of Your Carpets

Did you know that a single square inch of carpet may hold up to 200,000 microorganisms? They can also gather dust up to 400 times their weight! And, despite popular belief, filth and dust aren’t the most terrible things that can build on your carpets. Salmonella, E. coli, and Campylobacter are just a few of the dangerous germs found in carpets.

Home is supposed to be a sanctuary, a space where you can escape the stresses of the outside world. The carpet sanitizing services provided by SaniClean can help make this happen. Our carpet sanitizing process is designed to destroy harmful microorganisms that cause odors in carpets and pose a health risk in your home.

We can free your carpets from residual smells that can be tough to remove by destroying these microbes. If you have a lingering odor in your carpets at home, it’s time to call SaniClean for carpet sanitizing services.

Our Carpet Sanitizing Services

SaniClean’s carpet cleaning method eliminates difficult stains and kills bacteria without using harmful chemicals or steam cleaning methods, which sometimes leave floors worse than when they started.

Our dry carpet cleaning system, gear, and solution can make your carpet look brand new without hurting the underlay. We are eager to offer you our professional and efficient services, which require zero drying time and are pet and child safe.

There are two phases to our dry extraction procedure. We’ll start by sprinkling our “cleaning snow” throughout your carpet. The natural solution is worked into your carpets with a counter-rotating brush.

Our technicians are highly skilled in all aspects of carpet care, including fiber identification, cleaning, and disinfection, so you can relax knowing that your home is in excellent hands. Our SaniClean carpet cleaning professionals will be able to take care of any stubborn stains you may have.

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