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SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning Company (us) provides professional carpet cleaning services in the King County, Washington area. Areas that we serve include but not limited to are Seattle, Bellevue, Burien, Des Moines, Federal Way, Kent, Kirkland, Newcastle, Renton, Seatac, Tukwila, etc. With years of experience and backed by decades of expertise, our carpet cleaning technicians are here to serve you. We clean any and all types of carpet you may have in your home. 

Revolutionary carpet cleaning that requires no drying time!
"Your carpet is sanitized, clean, dry, and ready to walk on when we leave!"

Residential Carpet Cleaning

How To Schedule A Carpet Cleaning

To schedule a carpet cleaning with us simply call (206) 590-7174 to make an appointment over the phone.

Or, you may submit your inquiry here online through the “Request Service” form. Once submitted, one of our staff members will contact you with a free estimate for your carpet cleaning needs. They’ll also answer any questions you may have at the time.

If you’d like to move forward with the carpet cleaning, we’ll go ahead and schedule your appointment. 

Same Day / Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service

If you require or would like a carpet cleaning service on the same day, it will depend on availability. If we have an open time slot available, we’ll gladly come out to serve you.

If we don’t have any available technicians on that day, we can offer to schedule you at the earliest opening at your convenience. 

Please note that although we try to accommodate same-day service requests, we will not compromise the quality of other scheduled appointments just to fit in an additional one – just as we won’t compromise yours. As we like to say, “we don’t cut corners, we clean them.”

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What Our Customers Are Saying

24 Hours Before Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment

As a reminder and confirmation, one of our SaniClean team members will contact you 24 hours before your carpet cleaning appointment.

We will preview what to expect and how to prep for your service. We’ll also provide you with your assigned carpet cleaning technician’s information so you’ll know who to expect at the time of your appointment. 

The Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

Day Of Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment

Here, we’ve listed an overview of the general process of your dry carpet cleaning service appointment:

  1. Arrival & Assessment
    Upon your cleaning technician’s arrival, they will take an initial tour and measure the carpet areas to be cleaned. This will ensure the price estimate is accurate and you’re not overcharged. 

  2. Spot Cleaning & Prep
    Your cleaning technician will spot clean any areas of your carpet that may have stains, areas that are heavily soiled, contain pet urine, feces stains, etc.

  3. Furniture Moving 
    The technician will be carefully moving any furniture needed to access carpet areas to ensure thorough cleaning of your carpets. Note that we will refrain from moving extra-large, heavy, or very valuable items unless notified ahead of time. If you have such items, please let us know before your appointment.

  4. Apply SaniClean’s Dry Carpet Cleaning “Snow”
    Your technician will spread SaniClean’s proprietary dry carpet cleaning “microsponges,” which looks like snow. They’ll then work it into your carpet using a counter-rotating brush that scrubs the solution thoroughly and deep into the carpet to absorb contaminants, sanitize, and disinfect.

  5. Extraction & Completion
    The technician will then extract the contaminants from your carpet. As a result, you’ll have sanitized, clean, dry, and fresh carpet ready for you to walk on immediately. No drying time is needed.

    Your technician will replace your furniture as it was.

    CARPET CARE TIP: Some carpet manufacturers recommend rotating your furniture every six months or so if your room layout permits. This prevents premature wear and extends the life of your carpet. Plus, it’s always a great feeling to change things up from time to time.

    You can use this opportunity to rearrange your furniture. Just ask and direct your carpet cleaning tech how you would like them arranged, and they’ll be happy to help!

  6. Follow Up
    To ensure your satisfaction, our staff will contact you for a brief follow-up of your SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning service and experience. 

Call us at (206) 590-7174 or submit your inquiry through the “Request Service” form to schedule your carpet cleaning today!

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