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Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Carpet cleaning can be a challenge without the right tools. However, there are some hacks you can tap into to preserve your carpet or make it look better than before. 

You’d want to regularly clean them as they are an investment that will add aesthetics and comfort to your home. Here are some of the carpet cleaning tricks you can try:

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Use A Lint Roller

A lint roller is an effective tool for clothes, but it’s also helpful when cleaning carpets. If you have hairs that are hard to remove, use the roller to get them off. It will take a bit of effort, though most hair will stick to the roller within five minutes. It’s a great way to deal with those problematic areas.

Some people find success using a window squeegee. It can help remove sticky and stubborn hair clinging to the carpet, but you’ll need to wet it slightly for it to work.

Blot Inwards

If you’ve spilled a drink on the carpet and you need to clean it fast, there’s a trick to remove most of the color. You’ll have to act fast, as it will be harder to remove it when it sticks to the fiber. Take a clean cloth and begin blotting the spill. Circle from the outer edges and make your way to the center. Do not start from the center, as you’ll only spread the liquid further out the carpet.

Doing this allows you to move the liquid from the cloth. You may not remove all of it, but most of it will stick to your other fabric with quick action.

An alternative to this is investing in a carpet extractor. It’s a handheld device designed to pull liquids out of the carpet. However, you’ll have to buy one, and they can be pricy.

A Hot Iron Treats Dry Stains

A dried stain is almost impossible to move, but there is a trick to deal with them. You’ll need to increase the temperature, making a hot iron a handy appliance for the job. Remember to clean the area first using a vacuum to remove small debris that might get in the way. Afterward, mix three parts of water with vinegar on the cloth and apply it to the stain.

The solution will make it easier to remove the persistent problem. Leave it there for five minutes and then begin ironing the cloth. Use slight pressure and circular motions. Doing so will transfer the stain to the other fabric.

Loosen Carpet Fibers With This Homemade Solution

You’ll notice that certain parts of your carpet could get stiff and worn out over time. It can happen because there’s a lot of movement in those areas. One way to refresh it is to use vinegar diluted in water. Spray it on the carpet and then use a stiff spoon to work on its fibers. It will loosen and lift the fabric, helping it return a bit to its original form.

Having Baking Soda Stored

Baking soda is an effective tool for removing carpet stains. It has chemicals that can extract oil and absorbs most of the material. Apply it to your carpet and leave it there until it dries. From there, you can vacuum the baking soda, and you’ll notice that it has had some effect on the stain.

Baking soda is effective for spills, pet stains, and other items that can cause discoloration. Applying it the moment you spot the issue will allow for the most effective results.

Use Rubbing Alcohol For Nail Polish Stains

The common misconception for spilled nail polish is to use acetone. You use it to remove it on the nails, but it will only cause damage to the carpet. Rubbing alcohol is a much more effective chemical to use along with a blunt object. You can scrape off the dried polish after spraying it with alcohol, and you can also use a cloth with the alcohol to absorb some of the polish.

Create A Deodorizer With These Ingredients

Removing those persistent smells from the carpet can be a challenge, but you don’t have to spend much on expensive items. One reliable combination is essential oil, baking soda, and borax. Combine it with the following measurements:

  • 10 drops essential oil
  • 2 cups baking soda
  • Two tablespoons borax

Spread the mixture and leave it for some time to absorb the smells. Then, vacuum the carpet and enjoy your deodorized rug.

How To Remove Dried Wax

Wax that’s stuck on the carpet from your candles can be annoying, but there is a way to remove it. Let it harden first, and then use a blunt knife like a butter knife to loosen it. Vacuum up the larger chunks and then get a damp towel. Place it over the wax and use the iron technique.

Place a hot iron on the towel for a few seconds to melt and draw out any remaining wax on the carpet. Clean and dry it afterward, and you’ll be free from the problem.

Use Shaving Cream For Dirt

Dust or accumulated dirt can be an eyesore, especially on lighter-colored carpets. One of the best ways to remove them is using shaving cream at home. You can use any brand, just put it on the stain and let it sit for a while, and it will eventually remove the most visible marks.

Need A More Effective Solution? Try SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning

One of the advantages of SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning is that we use an advanced dry cleaning method. It is effective in deep carpet cleaning, carpet sanitizing, removing persistent stains, smells, etc. from any carpet. The best part is you can use your carpet shortly after service because the process does not require any drying time!

We use environmentally friendly solutions – a mixture that captures contaminants in your carpet and sanitizes it as well. It’s fast, effective, and one of the best ways to clean carpets anywhere. 

If these carpet care tips don’t work for you, hire us at SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning instead!

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