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Everything You Need To Know About Dry Carpet Cleaning

A better way to clean carpet?

Everything You Need To Know About Dry Carpet Cleaning

Not a lot of people know about dry carpet cleaning. It is one of the newer technologies that have sprung up to solve the challenges that traditional carpet cleaning offers.

Dry carpet cleaning requires less time and is typically cheaper. The specialized machines that handle these tasks are easier to use and are more efficient than steam carpet cleaning methods.

Because it’s dry, there’s no risk of mold development in and under the carpeting, unlike steam and shampoo methods that leave your carpet wet to dry. 

Dry carpet cleaning is also a greener option compared to traditional cleaners.

The use of chemicals that create very low moisture (VLM) or no moisture environment helps remove stains better. They extract all sorts of dirt, sand, and grit, resulting in clean and refreshed carpets.

Most dry carpet cleanings also lead to less re-soiling because they contain carpet protection elements in their carpet cleaning solution. 

You’ll often get better visual results and extended lifespan of your carpets with dry carpet cleaning. Steam and shampoo cleaning methods tend to loosen carpets resulting in unsightly buckling, rippling, and loosening. To fix that, your carpet will need to be stretched.

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About Dry Carpet Cleaning

How Does It Work?

Usually, VLM systems rely on a mixture of cleaning solutions and dry compounds. It results in the carpet drying rapidly after cleaning. It is the best option for commercial installations and large areas with fixed carpets as it requires no drying time. No drying time equals no downtime for operations in commercial properties and less of a nuisance for residences.

Detergents and emulsifiers break the solid binding compounds on the carpet fibers and clean them. You first apply them to the carpet in the form of a spray or powder. The compound breaks down grease and other materials that you cannot remove by traditional means. 

Some of these detergents have solvents like glycol ether, d-limonene, or butyl. It is ideal to leave this pretreatment mixture on the carpet for less than 15 minutes to ensure maximum effectiveness.


If you have any allergies, be sure to check the chemicals involved carefully. You may choose one that you have little or no reactions to. Some property owners experience allergies due to the scent or residue left on the carpet. It isn’t ideal to leave toddlers or babies on the carpet after a fresh cleaning.

The good news is that most manufacturers and companies consider the effects of these chemicals. Many of those used today have no side effects and are generally safe for use for the masses (like SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning). 

Dry carpet cleaning is a great way to sanitize and remove substances that may be latching on to your carpets. It helps keep people safe, even in uncertain times.

Over time, newer technology has sprung up, resulting in different methods for dry carpet cleaning. Here are some of them:

Dry Compound Cleaning

After spreading a biodegradable cleaning compound on the carpet, you then brush and scrub it in. It is ideal to use a machine scrub as it cleans the entire carpet better than hand brushing. The dirt and grime stick to the compound, which you can then vacuum up.

After you vacuum, you’ll notice that the carpet is immediately dry and clean. Others have commercial equipment, which includes a specially designed cylindrical brushing system. It removes the need for a vacuum cleaner.

Encapsulation: Another Green Option

Encapsulation is a technology that was discovered in the 1990s but only truly found application in recent years. It works by crystallizing soil particles into dry residues upon contact. These crystals absorb dirt like sponges, allowing you to remove dirt afterward. You apply the cleaning solution through any of the following items:

    • Counter-rotating brush (CRB)
    • Compression sprayer
    • Brush applicator

Once the dry residue forms, you can vacuum it using a separate machine. Like dry compound cleaning, there are also specialized machines that have a vacuum built-in. According to reports, many regard encapsulation as a better method due to its ability to improve the carpet’s appearance.

However, cleaning with encapsulation takes more time compared to other methods.

Same as the other methods, the carpet dries immediately and is available for use after the process. Encapsulation is becoming a more popular option for various carpet cleaning companies. It’s becoming integrated more than the other methods.

The Bonnet Rotating Scrub

Another specialized machine is the round buffer, otherwise known as the bonnet scrub. You use it after applying a cleaning solution mist. The bonnet rotates and scrubs the mixture akin to a floor buffer. The spin attracts the soil, which is then rinsed and replaced. The bonnet method is most effective for valuable carpets or deep cleaning.

It is a method that removes persistent odor, dirt, and sediment. It is not a strictly dry-cleaning method though drying times are also short. It is important to keep the absorbent pad of the machine well lubricated using the cleaning solution. It helps you avoid any distortion that could hamper the machine.

Hot Water Solvent Extraction For Deep Cleaning

The solvent used in this method is a d-limonene based cleaner. You spray it first to the carpet you want to clean and let it dwell for 5-10 minutes. 

Afterward, you extract it using a hot water extraction machine. Following the extraction, triple dry strokes help hasted the dry time of the carpet.

Like the bonnet method, this isn’t a strict dry carpet cleaning approach. You’ll need to dry the carpet for one to four hours. The tradeoff is that this method cleans deep into the fibers.

Dry Carpet Cleaning: Deep Cleansing Power

Thanks to the compounds and the methods employed in dry carpet cleaning, it is one of the best ways to break down persistent and deeply rooted dirt. It ensures that all sediments and oils loosen. 

Its chemical mixture is also preventative as they add a layer of protection to the stain-resistant fibers. After you clean it, the method also applies a stain shield similar to furnishing spray.

Dry cleaning is increasingly becoming a popular option for residences. We also recommend it for commercial spaces that experience a lot of heavy traffic. With dry carpet cleaning, hallways, entryways, and gathering spots have little to no downtime since there’s no drying time required.

Another advantage of it is that they are less expensive than traditional machines and steam cleaners – and those saving are passed down to you, the customer. They use less moisture which leads to fast dry times. 

You can rent the machinery or hire a service like us at SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning. You don’t have to bear any smelly and dirty carpet anymore.

Dry carpet cleaning is also a green cleaning option. It uses less energy, and most chemicals used are biodegradable. They do not persist and are not hazardous to your health.

To learn more about our dry carpet cleaning and our carpet cleaning service, you may continue to browse our website and more articles here.

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